Signed copy of War and Peace Hamilton
Signed copy of War and Peace Hamilton
Signed copy of War and Peace Hamilton

The Rights of War and Peace, Grotius, 1738

Annoted, Signed, and Owned by Alexander Hamilton

Images of the Book

The original cover was in very poor shape and has since been sent in for rebinding. Below are images of the book before, during, and after the update.

Old Cover:
Rebinding Process:
New Cover:

The Process
The bookbinder removed the modern binding carefully to see if any of the original binding could be revealed. He was able to get a rubbing of the original title. The bookbinder added new, acid-free end sheets of handmade paper to match the original. Hand sewed new headbands were added in the style of the period.

Extended original cords with flax cord whip stitched to the old cords with linen thread and laced on new boards in facsimile of the period. It is bound in full brown calf, tooled in period style. The new title matches the rubbing of the original. The leather was pre-treated with potassium lactate to neutralize acids and dressed with neatsfoot oil and lanolin.

The artwork below was created by Jenny Woods (find her on Facebook at JWoodsArt). It depicts Hamilton holding his 'Rights of War and Peace' book.

Notes and markings made by Alexander Hamilton (many of which were used in future works by Hamilton - see Rutgers vs. Waddington).

From the personal library of Alexander Hamilton, a copy of Hugo Grotius’ The Rights of War and Peace, in three books, signed by Hamilton himself.

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